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Sleep Aid – Double L-Theanine Non-Habit Forming


  • SLEEP WELL, YET REMAIN ALERT TO HEAR LOVES ONES. Feel calm & relaxed without sedation or drowsiness
  • REDUCES EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE without reducing the mind-energy and fat burning qualities
  • NATURAL SLEEP REMEDIES ARE SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – 100% vegetarian all natural sleep pills
  • BONUS SUPER ANTIOXIDANTS – extra L-Theanine aids in liver detox, blood pressure, anxiety, more
  • MADE IN THE USA with the highest quality and freshest ingredients, non GMO, great travel partner


All Sleep Aid for Adults are NOT Formulated Equally!

Nutrifect Nutrition takes great pride in working with doctors and health professionals to create the strongest, most effective, all natural safe health supplements for men, women and kids – safe for the entire family.

Best Sleeping Pills from Nutrifect Nutrition


400mg L-Theanine– Double dose promotes relaxation with no sedation or drowsiness by crossing the blood-brain barrier to affect brain chemistry. It reduces the jagged edge from caffeine, prepares you for sleep through natural body processes, much like pre-sleep relaxation techniques prescribed by sleep therapists. See infographic in the images section for even more L-Theanine super antioxidant benefits.

200mg Magnesium Oxide – Relaxes your muscles and helps your body transition into a peaceful and restful state.

100mg GABA(Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid) – Acts as a natural tranquilizer in the central nervous system to calm nervous activity.

50mg 5-HTP (Hyroxytryptophan)– Helps raise serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin helps regulate mood and behavior, effecting sleep, anxiety, appetite, and pain sensation.

100mg Phellodendron Root Powder)– Works to calm the mind and help induce restful sleep so the body can heal and rejuvenate during the sleep period.

2mg Melatonin – Helps control your sleep and wake cycles and helps adjust the body’s internal clock.

Sleep Well. Be Well.


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